About us

About us

What is Sail On ?

It is an adventure, a passion, a dream.

It is when a crush for Asia meets the passion for sailing.

It is two entrepreneurs taking the big step to build their life plan.

It is sharing a way of life, sharing human values.

It is loving that sea with the sound of wind rather than the sound of engine.


Who is Sail On ?

Sail On is Alexis, Sail On is Marion. Two French people, one sailor from the North and one advertiser from the South. Two kids from the sea !

Alexis is a "sailsman". For him it is both a passion and a full-time occupation. He has a national French degree in sailing (Brevet d'État) and the French equivalent of a Yachtmaster (Capitaine 200). He is one of those persons who can tell where is the North, where the wind is coming from and where the current is going. Just like breathing!

Marion is a literary person, a dreamer and a traveler. The only question that counts is whether life will be long enough to visit all the wonders of the world. 


And if you want more information, don't hesitate to contact us!