Buddha Day

Buddha Day

In Thailand, a public holiday can be a Buddha Day : yes we pray, yes we make offerings, no we don't work and yes we celebrate; so basically it's "Eat, pray, love and party"... 


Phuket, let's celebrate



After the ceremonies of the day, the temple is transformed into a giant fair for the night. Darts, inflatable games, cotton candy, shooting balloons, giant ropes that NEVER pull giant teddy bears... everything is here. After all, it looks like fairs are the same all over the world!  


But then, THIS happened.


It's funny how you really feel like an expatriate when you can say "What the hell is this thing?" For example, in the different markets there are weird things all around but you can generally still say : "It stinks but I know it's a fruit" or "hey look, pig's ears!" and also "hum, isn't this the chick fetus in this egg?". Putting a name on things while you can...  


Here we are, all standing around this big cooking-pot. We eventually did understand what was inside... A goat's head, chilling and decomposing in a black soup. My first and only question: WHY? WHY? (ok that's twice the same question but, really, WHY?). We try to guess based on our culture or our imagination. Art? An aphrodisiac beverage? Some kind of product to repel mosquitoes? Something to punish children, make them taller? Art? 


Seeing our confusion, a kind lady tried to shed some light on the situation by offering to try this thing... ON OUR SKIN! WHAT ? And based on her reaction when we clearly expressed disgust, the goat-head-soup must be some really good s***. Who knows, maybe I would have looked 15 years younger with this on. But honestly, my age/face/skin are just fine without any goat liquid. 



This is a public call to all of those who might have some info: if anyone knows what the goat head is used for, please tell us. But not in front of children.