Be a good tourist!


When you will wander the streets of crowded tourist places, you will not find so many differences between local and tourist behaviors. However, if you have the chance to visit less touristic places, it is recommended to follow some simple rules.



The royal family

Thai people have a great respect and admiration for their king and the royal family in general. A picture of the king is pinned in every shop. It is of course very rude and almost dangerous to speak evil of the royal family, even if it is just a joke.

The body

It is important to never touch the head of anyone, even the head of a child in a kind gesture. Concerning feet, they should always stay on the floor and not be pointed at someone or at any religious representation.

In public, we would advice not to show too much affection to your partner.


It’s hot, very hot in Thailand. However, you will often see locals wearing long sleeves. Apart from being a protection against the sun, it is also because Thai people are  modest. Be careful about your clothing especially if you are visiting a muslim neighborhood, where women don’t wear anything short. But don’t worry, it is not forbidden to wear shorts !

Be extra careful when you enter a temple because knees and shoulders should be covered.


A lot of Thai people speak (more or less) English and will understand you for basic conversation. Keep in mind that conversations are also “smiling”. So even if you are in conflict, try your best to remain calm and keep smiling while finding a solution.

In fact, you will only need to be careful about your environment  to understand the main rules. And don’t forget to practice your sawasdi kha/sawasdi khrap!