The boat is insured by Llyod's Phoenix. This insurance includes a public liability if anything happens on the boat. 

Tha passengers are also coverered by a mandatory tourism insurance in Thailand (AIG) in case of accident but they won't be covered in case of illness or accident excluding Sail On responsibility. 

However, we strongly recommend that you would subcribe to a travel insurance, in case of accident, repatriation or even cancellation. Indeed, hospital care is not automatic in Thailand and can be very expensive if you are not covered by the right insurance. 

So for your own peace of mind during your travel, please consider subscribing to an insurance and check your contract (who is insured, where, how do I do if anything happens, emergency number...)


The boat is only insured to sail in Thailand. Our crew won’t be able to bring you to further navigation area. 



To book your cruise, you will be required to pay by bank transfer. If you book directly in Phuket, you can also pay by cash. 



You can of course add or/and pay options until your booking day. We just ask you to inform us at least one hour previous to your arrival.



If the boat has been damaged and is not fixed for your departure, we will find a similar boat for you or we will reimburse your money if we can’t find one.



The price includes full tank for the boat, the dinghy, full tank of fresh water (400L), one pack of water, lunch. However, the price does not include the tax for National Parks.