Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay

With its beautiful emerald reflections, Phang Nga Bay is printed in our collective memory, and if James Bond made its fiction, its reality will be made of passion and adventure...




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Koh Phanak

a) South west (8°10.530’N  98°29.383’E)



- Protected during north-east monsoon.

- 4m deep anchorage, perfect to spend the night


b) North (8°11.460’N  98°29.259’E)



- Protected during north-east monsoon.

- 5m deep anchorage


c)East (8°11.197’N  98°29.695’E)



- Protected during west monsoon

- 4m deep anchorage


d) Koh Hong (8°13.507’N  98°30.168’E)



e) Koh Ya Noi (8°10.448’N 98°38.266’E)




f) 8°10.985’N 98°37.523’E




g) Chong Koh Yao (8°5.256’N  98°36.372’E)




h) Koh hong (8°3.543’N 98°40.802’E)