Sailing in Thailand

Sailing in Thailand

Sailing all year long!

The nice thing about Thailand is that you can sail all year round !

The average temperature is 32°C, so no need for a raincoat ! And the average temperature of the sea is 28°C, which should meet the needs of the most sensitives to cold !

The Andaman Sea is not very agitated and generally not very dangerous. In Thailand you can mostly visually navigate but you have to be careful about reef, tide et current.



Mooring is easy, most of the time with the anchor. Be careful with the reef though and keep in ming that there is about 2m of tidal range.

Wind speed from May to October : 5 to 25 knots from south-west with some possible squalls.

Wind speed from November to April : the offshore wind is stronger in the morning and blows from north-east.




Tides in Phuket are important enough to be taken into account in your sailing plans. The height difference between low and high tide is around 2 meters, twice a day (two high tides/two low tides). Be careful of the currents between islands and shallow waters. 

For more information and the tide timetables around Phuket, click HERE.



In Thailand, pleasure boats are not allowed to sail at night. Indeed, the area is crowded with fishing boats and fishing nets are rarely marked.    
Navigation markers are not always there... It's important to concentrate!